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What is Vector P2Ptuts?

Pixel2Pixel Design Tuts (P2Ptuts) is a network of Pixel2Pixel Design. Vector P2Ptuts is an online resource for digital illustrators, graphic designers and flash artists. The main mission of Vector P2Ptuts is to offer free resources to the creative community. Here, you can find tutorials to improve your vector drawing and tracing skills, learn how to create vexel clip art or a vector logo and other helpful tips. We also offer you an extended collection of free vector graphics, sets of free brushes for Adobe Illustrator.

In our vector artwork gallery, we gladly present the art, graphic designs and illustrations of vector artists and graphic talents from all around the world.

Our Approach

We all search for ways to make our lives easier. So does Vector P2Ptuts. We are a digital playground for people who want to learn. At P2Ptuts, you’ll find industry guidelines; tips and tricks; case studies; design and development resources; related web articles to help you expand your capabilities and improve yourself.

Why Vector P2Ptuts?

Too much of a good thing is… wonderful! The world is a competitive place, leaving us playing catch-up most of the time. There is always extra thing to learn. Our research will keep you on top of the latest trends together with some of the best and interesting content. We want you to have it all!

Creative Forces Behind Vector P2Ptuts

P2Ptuts was started in 2011 by a team of Indian web enthusiasts who had a common goal of making the web a better place for everyone. Our passionate core team members include Suresh Patel (Editor-in-Chief) and Ashok Jain (Creative Director).

P2Ptut’s articles are written by talented professionals around the globe. There is a high emphasis on quality, comprehensiveness, and usefulness in every published piece.

Become Part of The Family…

Vector P2Ptuts is written by the community it serves: Graphics designers, illustrator artists, producers, web professionals and other assorted specialists.

Publishing on Vector P2Ptuts confers prestige and has helped some of our authors gain significant exposure that have lead to suitable job opportunities. Interested in writing for us? See the Write for us page for guidelines.

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We read e-mails, at least as much as we possibly can. If you wish to express your views on our site’s articles, you can do so by using the comments page associated with each published story – comment links can be found at bottom of each page. (Note that comments may close for giveaway articles after every contest ends.)

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