Hyperrealism Carbon Art by Yanni Floros

Hyperrealism Carbon Art by Yanni Floros

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Well say you can not have everything in life. Money, love and health are the three great aspirations that human beings want to have in one delivery.

Yanni Floros romple rule, he prefers sculpture, drawing and technology, the best of this is that you an have it all. Trained as a sculptor, Yanni Floros is an Australian artist who produces photorealistic drawings with charcoal, the level of detail reach the illustrations and monochrome in them and the presence of young women as protagonists of his art, the artist’s work made ??a proposal unusual.Graduated from the National Art School in Sydney, Floros combines his three passions when creating his work: drawing, sculpture and technology.

In his illustrations, Floros represents casual looking girls, clad in leather jackets, leather pants and big headphones that frame their heads with a feature that unifies: always appear back. Pencil, charcoal and paper are the materials that artist uses to create as thorough proposal that provide almost three-dimensional realism to your drawings. It is so precise that Floros work to appreciate the best example is the hair of his muses for the fall rescues natural, loose curls that are entangled within the voluminous manes of the girls or the strands that emerge from casual pickup.

As multidisciplinary artist Floros work flirts with the fidelity of a photograph. Before experimenting with the use of coal, the artist had tried various techniques, materials and categories in art until she discovered the malleability of the medium to create art backs. Yanni Floros has exhibited his work around Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. He was a finalist in art prizes Dobell Prize Drawing Prize 2010 and the Lethbridge 10000.

“As we rush towards an unknown and uncertain future, the technology and the way we use it will become increasingly important, and has become so integrated into our lives that I doubt many of us could live without it.”

Here we are showcasing carbon art illustration of Yanni Floros an Australian artist Born in 1981 in Adelaide. In 2004 he graduated from the National School of Arts in Sydney.

Source : Yanni Floros

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