We are looking for Contributors – Contributions are Open

We are looking for Contributors – Contributions are Open

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Although VECTOR P2PTUTS isn’t due for launch for a little while yet, you can now start sending in tutorial contributions via our newly opened Contribute page.

As with PSD P2PTUTS and PIXEL2PIXEL DESIGN, we’re looking for high quality, extensive tutorials and you’ll be compensated with $10 p/tutorial published. Amount is too low at this stag because we are a newly launched company at this stag, but will pay you more for the tutorials one we have started earning something from this blog. Publishing on Vector P2Ptuts confers prestige and has helped some of our authors gain significant exposure that have lead to suitable job opportunities too. Suresh is going to be managing this site, and he will also be looking for regular contributors so if you submit a tutorial and would like to write more, let him know.

In the meantime we’ll keep getting everything ready for a site launch very soon!

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Suresh Patel

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      • This a late reference to your reply. I was expecting a notification to my mail which never came…
        Could you tell me please how many words one article should contain ?
        Where do I send an article to?

        • Hi Yossi,

          Your email address is not with me so not able to drop a mail on your inbox.

          There is no limitation on the wording of the article but it should catch the reader attention and yes it should be in english. Before we publish the tutorials we check the article and see weather it is good for our readers or not.

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